A senior pibble living each day to the fullest! Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦 #elderbull #adopt #foster #rescue 🐶 + 🦈 = ❤ #lexyandbruce


Happy Saint Paddy's Day from #lexyandbruce 🐶🦈🍀

You and me both little Lex. Happy #stpatricksday , may you all be pitty lucky today too 🍀 (shirt by @treatdreams )

Lexy is very particular .. her food bowl must be properly positioned in front of the fire & she will always save her coconut tenders for later 😁🤗

Light follows her everywhere she goes ❤️ (Crown by @scarletharlowdesign )

The results are in and we're extremely proud to report that Lexy's Adoptaversary fundraiser raised a total of $3,335 USD in donations for @standupforpitsfoundation🌟🎉 This is AMAZING!! Thank You to everyone who donated, shopped, entered our Raffle or shared. Each and every one of you made this a success!! On April 2 #SUFP will fully fund 11 FREE Spay/Neuter clinics nationwide in honor of Angel. Approximately 600 pit bull type dogs are set to be fixed on ANGEL DAY, the lives saved from these events are innumerable. The 11 clinics will cost SUFP just over $38k. I truly hope the funds we've raised from Lexy's Adoptaversary campaign will help support these events and all the work #SUFP does. We extend a massive and heartfelt thank you to our vendors who donated time, products, and their hearts to partner with us in support of our favourite organization, @standupforpitsfoundation ❤ @scarletharlowdesign @fluffandtuffdogtoys @badtags @fitbark @lartelgphotography @barkbox @playologypets @redandhowling @friendshipcollar @luvabullz @treatdreams @dogly_ @pridebites @toothandhoney @barxandblooms @brindlemarket @okidoggypets ANGEL FOREVER ❤️ #standupforpits #spaynueterangelday #angelday #educate #advocate #giveback

Just look at all this velvety, smooshy goodness wrapped in a smile 😍

My absolute new fav shirt😍 Designed by @luvabullz as part of our recent fundraiser benefitting @standupforpitsfoundation . @luvabullz generously donated 50% proceeds from her entire store & 100% from limited edition campaign merchandise she designed. WOW❤❤ We've tallied donations raised from our raffle & are sorting the admin to select winners. Our Shop For A Cause vendors and still reporting in to us their individual donations; as soon as we have all the info we'll post to update you. What I can say now is that we far exceeded our goal!! We cannot thank you all enough for your support and generosity! This is not Lexy's fundraiser.. this is OUR fundraiser and we all should be prou of what we achieved ❤ (ps.. swipe left to see one of our long time followers @vinylmessimusic sporting his tshirt & his very own Bruce🌟) #lexyandbruce

Starting our day with some happiness 🍦 And a little tongue-out : tongue-in Tuesday action 😁 Wishing everyone's day is as awesome as Lexy's will be!

Having one of 'those days' .. walking Lexy through the park today I was spat on by someone who shouted 'pitbull' obscenities. On the way home, feeling terrible, a passerby gasped and picked up their tiny dog, turned away muttering about 'mean dogs' while we walked by. In the past people have challenged me when I called this behaviour 'discriminatory' but I stand by my word. Discrimination is "the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things". I will not rate levels or discrimination.. all are wrong. None can be tolerated. Please be kind to each other. Please remember to be the best version of yourself you can be and if we are faced with adversity we own how we deal with that. I deal with it by seeing her inherent goodness and letting #lexyandbruce touch my heart in the most beautiful of ways 🐶🦈❤

❤ Dreaming about all the good that @standupforpitsfoundation will do with the funds our community - you - helped us raise. This is your last chance to be part of Lexy's Adoptaversary fundraiser.. It all ends tonight at midnight (PST)! LINK in BIO .. Enter our #Raffle to win fantastic prizes from these generous vendors. 100% proceeds donated to #SUFP 🌟 LINK IN BIO 🌟 Prizes from: @scarletharlowdesign @fluffandtuffdogtoys @badtags @fitbark @lartelgphotography @barkbox @playologypets @redandhowling @friendshipcollar @luvabullz @treatdreams @dogly_ @pridebites @toothandhoney @barxandblooms

Secret Lexy cam 🎥 Caught in the act!! Lexy found a box of treats i'd packed away. Dragged said 10 pound box to the living room.. delicately opened it, then proceeded to burry the 14 individual packages throughout the house. I even found one buried in her toy box🤣 I've looked everywhere and still missing 3 :)

Saturday night: Lexy's own 'Party Princess' dog beer by @bowserbeer 🍻 Doggy popcorn by @himalayanpet 🍿 & Bruce ❤🦈. Just add Netflix and we've got a party! #saturdaynight #lexyandbruce

Lexy and I had the extreme pleasure of meeting @thepitcrew_ today - visiting our fine city all the way from Tennessee 🤗 We strolled & chatted for hours about pibbles and rescue and our joint love for @standupforpitsfoundation :) Check out their #SUFP hoodie!! Lexy ended her visit being fed fresh strawberries. Swipe left too see it in action 🍓 Thank You @thepitcrew_ for all you do to support the dogs we love.

❤ Lexy says .. please don't make me beg :) We're so close to our #raffle fundraiser goal benefitting @standupforpitsfoundation we can almost taste it!! It all ends March 11 .. LINK in BIO .. enter today. NEW PRIZES added. !! 100% proceeds donated to #SUFP 🌟 LINK IN BIO 🌟 Prizes from: @scarletharlowdesign @fluffandtuffdogtoys @badtags @fitbark @lartelgphotography @barkbox @playologypets @redandhowling @friendshipcollar @luvabullz @treatdreams @dogly_ @pridebites @toothandhoney @barxandblooms @brindlemarket

It's FRIDAY 🎉 Get out and conquer the weekend

Yup, pretty much. All day - every day with Lexy by my side ❤ #BlessedAndDogObsessed (shirt by @treatdreams )

The grass is never greener than where you are if, like Lexy, you remember to take a little piece with you 🌱 (collar by @barxandblooms )

I wonder what she dreams about ❤

Spending time this evening working on Lexy's entry for the @pinupsforpitbullsinc Calendar Model Search. We encourage everyone to check it out.. your entry fee supports this great org & even if you're not keen on entering, the essay questions provoke great thought and discussion. First Q: "What would the title of your life story be and describe the main character (you)". Every time I reflect on my love for dogs one thing comes to mind: "I will forever love a 'Charlie Brown Christmas Tree' kinda dog". Every dog I have had the honour of sharing my life with has had something that others found broken: elderly, ill, 3 limbed, blind.. but to me they were / are perfect. Where others see flaws I see only a more amazing kind of beauty. I think I my life's story would be called "Lights Please" and I will step into the shadows and let the dogs hearts and souls take center stage to speak for themselves ❤ This pic is one I saw advertising Lexy when she was in the shelter, circa Dec 2013. Others said she looked angry and sad.. She had every right to be .. but I saw vulnerability, fear, uncertainty and a need to be loved ❤ What would be the title of your Life Story ?

How fantastic is this shirt by @brindlemarket 👌 Today is the LAST DAY to shop this great store to have 10% of your purchase donated to @standupforpitsfoundation . That's right - every purchase, every item in their store donates to #SUFP (and how about this wonderful advocate & model @kiradolly 🤗) Repost @brindlemarket ・・・ You asked, and we’re happy to oblige... #stopbsl women’s cap sleeve tees are now available. We were inspired to create this simple design, representing the heartache of BSL and the healing opportunities that can come from education and love. AND today is the last day of of promo celebrating @lexy_the_elderbull, in which we’re donating 10% of proceeds to @standupforpitsfoundation! It’s all about the #pibble over here!