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"Make it or retreat from it. Crime rate feeling like it gonna go down slightly, but tricked by the drive-by version of Loki. Cousin bleeding uncontrollably with no help besides the lord himself. Sins of hanging with the wrong crowd got him a death certificate for free. Funeral attending got so frustrating, but it also became a hobby. Hoping that no one murders the better copy of me because my job is to show love and piss people off. Older Brother viewed as a gang member because of where he came from. Little brother growing up with a silent mouth, but born with a creative mind that the dry artists slobber for. Ready to be reborn in the underground. Faced low before so I'm prepared to kill the blabbers vibe so I can rise and die with a proud smile on my face. West coast blood is running through my veins. Still ain't a gangster but still killing time with my brothers that barely came out of prison for some regretful shit. Raised and resided in the same city that I plan to carry on my shoulders when the apocalypse hits. Maybe I'll hit the low if I started being influenced by gunners that taunted me with some easy money or maybe I'll just walk away with my dignity because my mom raised me right. Better be thinking to say no when I'm commanded to kill my nigga for some rivalry that wasn't even mine to end. Gotta retreat from the low life, but I also gotta make it so I can rebuild the family bond for myself and for others around me." #poetrycommunity #poetryisnotdead #writerscommunity #writersofig #poetsofig #poetry #poems #poetic #instapoet #creativewriting #writing #wordporn #instagrampoets

Mauvais Garcon; Bad boy. That night when I dabbed a little extra perfume, Behind my right ear, And in the hinge of my left elbow, Wearing black stilettos and red lipstick, All I wanted to be was A regular girl in the bar. But then I saw you. And you saw me a lot longer than you should have. Or that's what I like to believe, Because there is no reason, For me to lurk on that one look of yours. You, who was abhorrent, Frantic and esoteric. Plunging beer mugs in your throat With in between Marlboro drags. I remember your hash green eyes, Which smoothly paved their way into my jargon senses. I remember your smile. And oh that honey flavour coquettish smile, I had not seen in a long, long while. You offered me a drag and asked me to dance and I remember the Song well because it was on loop longer than your stay. I was 4 pints down then, Looking more for a washroom than a tap on the dance floor, But I said yes between the blur of amber bulbs and nicotine breaths, Flipping aside the veil of my bronze beach curls, And now, I was no longer a regular girl in the bar. Author: @i_anxious_writer #wordporn #wordgasm #words #writer #author #poet #writing #amwriting #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #instapoet #writerscommunity #poetsofindia #writersofindia #poetrycommunity #story #stories #instagood #picoftheday #heart #evenings #writersofindia #amazing #india #poetstrail #bad #boy #bar #girl #drunk ||Follow Poets Trail for more|| ||Turn on the post notification|| ||Submit or DM for getting published||

Dear parents, Why don't you trust the world a little. I know, dealing with the world isn't a cake walk and sometimes, You are too scared of leaving me alone on the empty roads. But, would keeping me trapped in a room would solve all your worries. *How do you have two different interpretations of - Travelling alone for two nights in a train, Because you can't travel for near about 2000 KMs to pick me up from my place. And not allowing to go out for few KMs as if those 5KMs would surely be a death bed for me. You don't trust the world, You don't trust my friends But what about some relative's misbehaviour, Whom you trust a lot. What about the male professors Who stares at me, because I wear jeans? And the irony is you trust them because, They seem trustable to you Isn't it. A lots of time, I face weird touchs in the bus And you tell me to ignore it Because, It's a daily affair. But you can't trust my friends, Just because you don't know them. Because you feel they are young enough to do mistakes. Let me tell us, our generation isn't that bad. Can you justify my professor's behavior then, or of some relative's for that matter. Just let me be me, Stop thinking everytime when I step out of the house, Something terrible is waiting for me. Just be a bit optimistic, Don't judge my friends, They aren't your some relative Or the professor, At least they love me for who I am, And accepts the darker side of me too. With them I am not just the petals But the brusish too, And they have all of it with all the happy sides of me. Your Daughter #parents #trusttheworld #words #wordporn #writerofig #thoughtoftheday #wordstoliveby #poetsofinstagram #instapoet #wordlover #writinganimal #thewinkedtales #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #spilledink #instawriter #poemoftheday #artistsofinstagram #microfiction #creativewriting #wordlings #writinganimal

Fossils. . Art by: @art.rouniss

************************************************************ I slipped into your mystery, quite like a meteor and its celestial storm crumbling against the atmosphere of your rigid walls The death I drank slowly With only these pieces left of my heart, I can no longer love you fully.. Elle Bor

Italian Sun Robin Chan I don't have the Italian sun kissing my skin But I content in wearing my perfectly white sneakers Taking in every little bouncing, chirping, Or teaching the old ladies to use their smart or not-so-smart cellphones Rejoicing Being on a perfectly idle Sunday afternoon 📚 📚 📚 📚 #bookaddict #booksbooksbooks #igreads #callmebyyourname #booknerd #originalpoems #poems #poetry #instapoet #write #igwriters #creativewriting #igpoems #poemsofinstagram #wordartist #bookishfeatures #bookstagram #booklover   #bookblogger #bookish #bookworm #alwaysreading #instabooks #thefreereadergamer