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Whenever I am sad, I almost never feel the need to talk about it just to let it out. . It is not that I am embarrassed or afraid; I just find it a little unproductive so I rather talk about something positive, constructive, or joyful; something that could help me get through it and give me hope or strength. . I kind of trained myself to only ask for help and reach out to the people I know can help me find my way first and, maybe then, share my experience to help other people in the same situation as well. . And I am not saying this is how it is supposed to be, but it is how it works for me. I almost never want to be the person who tells you a sad story if all we are going to do is sit in there and be sad together. . My dad raised me to always look at the bright side and be strong, and now, that he is no longer with us, I do not want to tell you how sad I feel but how lucky I am to understand that we all come to this world with a mission (even if you do not know what it is) and how thankful I am for all the valuable lessons. . So instead of saying that we are sorry; I want us to go out there and make someone else’s day better, share some kindness, say something nice, give them cookies, etc. . Everyone who knew my father knows that he was special. He would tell you jokes and make you laugh even in his worst and most painful days, he would never tell you how much he was hurting but what he was doing to feel better, he would never go a day without working, he would never give up, and he would always help others. ​. I am beyond thankful to have that strength in my heart; to have him in my heart always. I will continue hustling and trying to be a good person just like he taught me, . Te amo papa.

a volte mi manca quella spinta, quella motivazione per riuscire ad essere semplicemente ottimista e positiva, ma non ho molti stimoli, cerco di trovarne guardandomi intorno ma vedo solo mura finestre, la solita gente di paese, quel paese che mi va stretto, poi prendo il cellulare e comincio ad esplorare nell' infinito. quello è l' unico mondo che non mi sta stretto, fatto di persone, di vite, di esperienze, di opininioni, di pensieri. mi illudo che posso fare anch' io qualcosa nella vita, qualsiasi cosa, poi alzo lo sguardo, ritorno nella realtà e il mio lato pessimista riprende il sopravvento. forse perche non vedo via d' uscita, sperando invano che non duri per l' eternità. . . #nature_shooters #landscapelovers #naturelovers #landscape #treescape #natureonly #naturediversity #view #naturewalk #landscapes #trees #sky #naturegram #mountains #landscape_lovers #landscapehunter #trip #tree #naturelover #naturephoto #naturephotography #landscape_lover #nature_seekers #nature_prefection #treestagram #amazing #landscapestyles #naturelove #nature #thinkpositive


🙂😊❤ Do good things to change the world!
 Here are a few POWERFUL ways you can all change the world: ✔Smile.
 Smiling can have a big impact. If you think about a smiling person, you also realize that they’re likely positive about life. However, this also affects the people around you. When someone sees you smiling, they feel happier than when they see you angry, sad or depressed. In short, smiling is infectious. 😁 ✔Be kind. 
It doesn’t take much to be kind to others. Be kind to others around you. Don’t think the worst of them. Think the best. Even if people have disappointed you in the past, don’t lose hope in the future of humanity. ✔Be present.
 Live in the moment. Physically we’re here, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually we’ve evaporated. When was the last time you were actually present? When did you look around with child-eyed wonder at all the miracles taking place? 🤔
But, by being present, you can actually change the world. It will allow you to be more aware of your environment, people and things all around you. . 
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What's up!!! Keep up the positive vibe... This new chapter is a lot harder to write, but never let your spirit down!!! Keep yourself motivated all the time... Be thankful for what you have, there's someone out there that have the worst situations than you.. So, my advice is think twice before you said to yourself that you are useless in this world. OK 👌🤓

SEI STOLZ AUF DICH ❗️ Niemand außer dir weiß wie viel Kraft , Tränen ,Mut und vertrauen es dich gekostet hat um dort zu sei ,wo du jetzt bist .💯❗️ #Motivation #sonntagsmodus #motivationalquotes #behappy #behappyalways💕 #thinkpositive #likeforfollow #follow4follow #positivevibes

!stop overthinking you’re only making problems that aren’t there! 🤔😍 #thinkpositive #sundaymood 😊