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I'm often told things like "take a break" , "relax" , "sitdown" .I'm the type of person that is ALWAYS on the go, whether I'm cleaning (I'm super picky about how clean my house is) , working , cooking, baking, working out. I get bored when I sit so I will always find ways to keep myself moving. BUT sometimes I do need that time to just unwind so for the second night in a row I'm doing NOTHING, couch cuddles and Harry Potter with my pup. Just missing the boyfriend and this night would be complete- but he's on night shifts

That hair though 🤣 Saturday night sweat is done- today was booty day and it got me good 👌 this week was all new moves for phase 3 and so far I'm loving it! Did you sweat today!?

Girl night out!🎉 - Nice to trade in the leggings for a dress for once!

💢Gym Etiquette💢 - You don't necessarily have to follow all these gym etiquettes☝🏼. Most of them just consist of being a considerate person😒. In my opinion, some are mandatory especially putting your weights back🤨. Don’t think you are too "cool" to put your weights back😡. The next person wanting to the use the weights does not want to put them back for you😑. Be a good person and work hard towards your goals😁! - ❤️🙇🏼If you have any questions, please message me and I'd love to help! Thank you! - 🙌🏼💙If you enjoyed this post please like, share and comment or tag someone you think would benefit from this🙋🏼‍♂️! - #fitness #fitnessmotivation #bodypositive #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation #exercise #musclegainjourney #musclegain #weightlossjourney #bodybuildingmotivation #nutrition #supplements #mensphysique #weightlifting #muscle #musclegain #grind #motivationalquotes #motivation #swole #exercise #lifting #liftingweights #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessjourney #iifym #fatloss #weightloss #vancouverfitness #vancouver #upnorthathletics

🐥Twitter: upnorthathletic🐥 - Other things to consider in the gym is using full range of motion, proper form and letting your ego go and using weights that are not too heavy🤗! 👉🏻 If you need any help understanding what any of these mean, feel free to message me and I’d love to go into more detail! 👈🏻 - ❤️🙇🏼If you have any questions, please message me and I'd love to help! Thank you! - 🙌🏼💙If you enjoyed this post please like, share and comment or tag someone you think would benefit from this🙋🏼‍♂️! - #fitness #fitnessmotivation #bodypositive #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation #exercise #musclegainjourney #musclegain #weightlossjourney #bodybuildingmotivation #nutrition #supplements #mensphysique #weightlifting #muscle #musclegain #grind #motivationalquotes #motivation #swole #exercise #lifting #liftingweights #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessjourney #iifym #fatloss #weightloss #vancouverfitness #vancouver #upnorthathletics

✖️TEAM GRIPPED✖️ Who else is passionate about music? Music to me is essential to peak performance and a satisfying workout. Although some people prefer audio books, podcasts or ambient sounds, many others depend on bumpin' beats and stirring lyrics to keep themselves motivated when exercising. _____ In the last 10 years the body of research on workout music has swelled considerably, helping psychologists refine their ideas about why exercise and music are such an effective pairing for so many people as well as how music changes the body and mind during physical exertion. Music distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort and may even promote metabolic efficiency. When listening to music, people run farther, bike longer and swim faster than usual—often without realizing it. _____ In addition.. one could even think of music as "a type of legal performance-enhancing drug.” So what are some of your go to gym songs? List them below!👇🏻 _____ Featured: 🎧 V.3 Wireless Equalizer Headphones in matte black by @grippedfitnessaudio _____ Discount code for 10% OFF: 👉🏻 HUNT 👈🏻 _____ Worldwide Shipping 🌎🌍🌏 www.grippedfitnessaudio.com . . . . . #GrippedFitnessAudio #Bodybuilding #Gym #VancouverFitness #Fitness #MensPhysique

✨ So if you are thinking of competing, here are some things you may want to consider: ✔️Competing is NOT a reason to lose weight!!! A lot of people go into competing because they know it's a strict goal and will force structure. Well although structure is good, if you are wanting to lose weight there is a good chance you already struggle with food/and or your body, you don't have healthy habits or you don't have the tools to create balance, eat moderately, etc. ✔️Unfortunately competing has become a "trend" and is glamourized, and the truth about the sport hides. If you compete be prepared for little sleep, long hours at the gym, measuring all your food, a lot of tears due to mental exhaustion, physical exhaustion, post show blues, etc. It is a lot more than the bikini, tan and abs. ✔️Money! Competing is a damn expensive hobby! I don't like to think of the cost of food or gym as part of the expense because competing or not the cost will be there. How about the coach, supplements, tan, hair and makeup, association fee, competition fee, bikini, heals, jewelry, nails, hotel, etc, it all costs money and it's NOT cheap! ✔️How is your current mentality around food and your body? Do you show yourself self love, happiness, appreciation for all you have or do you pick yourslf apart? ✔️Post show blues. I think this is the biggest of all! People don't like to talk about this aspect as it shows "weakness" but post show blues are a REAL thing! Most going into competing are good with goal setting, but competing adds a whole other part. Most think about competing on its own as the goal but finding motivation after you have reached that said goal is where it becomes tough. You have dieted for x amount of weeks, got on stage, placed well (for the sake of this), but you have decided you aren't competing again/this year, so now what? It can feel like you are chasing nothing! . These are just some aspects! I feel the need to remind anyone who has thought of competing to remind you of your values, and what is truly important to you. Life is about creating balance, happiness and fulfillment within, so follow your heart! 🙏🏼💞 #CreateYourLife

First Hike ✅

Working on hand balancing in the 🌞I stayed away from handstands for the longest time because of passed shoulder issues but everything’s finally starting to come together🙌🏼 #progress

Was rocking my green and orange on the slopes for St.Patricks Day 🇮🇪☘️🏂 #stpatricksday #beautifulbritishcolumbia

As a special thanks to everyone who has purchased London Tree's natural oils for health & wellness I am doing a special St. Patrick's Day giveaway on a 15 ml bottle of either: 1. Gravity oil for knee & muscular pain ; 2. Halo nausea relief (perfect for travellers!). All you have to do is tag 2 friends & indicate which of the blends you'd prefer❤️💙💜. Note this contest is only open to residents in BC, Canada specifically who reside in the Fraser Valley & the lower mainland💙 #BC #fraservalley #vancity #604 #yvr #abbotsfordbc #britishcolumbia #vancity #vancitybuzz #giveaway #essentialoils #chakras #mapleridge #hellobc #whistler #surreybc #langleybc #fortlangley #chilliwack #vancitybuzz #vancouverisawesome #holistichealth #yogaeverydamnday #vancouvercanada #abbotsford #vancouverfitness #airportlife #petloss #psychology #langleybc #richmond #essentialoils #westvancouvermagazine #wanderlust

Hive member, @meatballclimbs getting on the ever-classic Superfly (V4) in the Grand Wall Boulders last weekend 💪⠀ We love seeing the stoke going around with the great weather 🌞We're excited to see all the sends for the season!