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There is a home away from my home Where the girl lives She buries her head in the pillow every night And dreams of my home Just like I dream of hers Her world has no veils Only joyous hope Her words are just thoughts Transcending consciousness I think to her in my mind She thinks back to me We are alive in our myth of each other This home that is away from my home Is the other side of the mirror . . I wanted to write for #WorldPoetryDay . I didn’t feel any words in me today so I’m posting this poem I wrote in 2014.

#Repost @witheredweedywriters (@get_repost) ・・・ To unfriend, or to not? . Everyone must have unfriend-ed at least one person on Facebook. It seems like the easiest way to lash out or vent our anger. Mad at someone? Hit the button. Easy-peasy! It gives us an inner satisfaction that we have thrown that person out, as if Facebook is even remotely a mirror of our actual lives. But in reality, is it so easy to throw people out of our hearts? . It isn't. Because when we make friends, we give them a small part of ourselves to keep with themselves and take theirs for ourselves; we give and take secrets, expectations, moments, jokes, thoughts, and much more. These are the things which make us friends, and not the profile pictures and status messages posted on each other's birthday. . But, then, what makes us want to unfriend them? Maybe, when they do unforgivable things? I know, people are bigger than their mistakes. The love they give you is the most important thing. I am the biggest brand ambassador of this notion. But, shouldn't this rule be negotiable? Shouldn't this also depend on how the two people affect each other? Isn't there some secret friend code that people are supposed to abide by, no matter what? Isn't there a line that people are just not supposed to cross? Alas, people do cross lines; they go way beyond them. So, what do you do then? . You are stuck, stuck in that moment for days where you are staring at that unfriend button, too scared to press it. You're scared that if you press it, there is no going back. You will lose that person forever. And, that scares you. But, what equally scares you is the thought that if you do not press that button, you will be a cheater. Because you cannot be 'that friend' anymore; the friendship and love has already died inside of you and you cannot seem to rekindle it. . You gave that person all the chances you could've given, and they wasted each one of those. That friendship is irreparable now. That person has scratched you at a place which cannot be healed. . . . [Contd. in comments]

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#Repost @airlesspromises with @get_repost ・・・ The only way to outsmart a narcissist is to reject them before its too late. Don’t fall for their temporary affection. When you reject them, you are not actually rejecting them. You are rejecting the fake image of them that they created in order to impress you. The very fact that you refused to that image also makes all their plans futile. Which is what would drive them crazy. Run away while you can. Sometimes the only way to win is to sacrifice what you crave. My book ‘Roots of Chaos’ is now available worldwide (link in bio). Thank you for reading my poetry. Please tag me in reposts, they are always welcomed <3 Art by @obrazkovani . . #wordsofwisdom #textgram #words #saying #thoughts #quote #originalquote #written #poetry #wrote #feelings #poetryisnotdead #poetrycommunity #mind #minds #meaning #meaningful #wise #read #learn #poetscommunity #poems #poetsofig #writersofig #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #lovequotes #poetsofinstagram